Monthly Meetings

Arts & Sciences Class

2nd Sunday of each month.
1:00 p.m.- 4:00 p.m.
(Right before the monthly populace meeting.)

Populace Meeting

4:00 - 5:00
Potluck after meeting

Meeting location:

Tyler Chamber of Commerce

Genecov Room (entrance located off of Line St.)

315 N. Broadway, Tyler TX 75702

Fighter Practice

1st Sunday of each month

Chivalric & Rapier Fighter Practice
2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Jacksonville, TX

3rd Sunday of each month

Chivalric & Rapier Fighter Practice
2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Bergfeld Park
Corner of Broadway and 4th, Tyler , TX

Keep watch on the lists for updates for bad weather and alternate locations or changes.

Other Information

No other information at this time.
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Chivalric Melee Fighting Scenarios for Three Centurions:

With the exception of a round robin field battle there shall be some limited front or equal number scenarios.

Marshal in Charge: Centurion Frederick von Dresen

    They came in waves!
    (Bridge battle with limited archery)

  • Each army will be fighting on a bridge while the other two armies attack in consecutive waves with each wave getting larger. At the conclusion of each wave, there will be a pause and the attackers leaving the field will form up at the back.
  • The next wave of fresh fighters will be selected at the attacking commanders' discretion until everyone has fought (fighters are now "refreshed" to go again in future waves in another cycle), or the defending army is no more.
  • At certain intervals, the army being attacked will be allowed to resurrect a few fighters of their choosing. At a certain point, each archer will be allowed to fire a select number of bolts/arrows per wave.
  • The army that survives the most waves wins. In the event of a tie, the commanders will fight a round of single combat in a format of their choosing on behalf of their army to decide the victor.

  • The friend of my friend is my friend?
    (Field battle with archery)

  • This will be a no resurrection round robin field battle.
  • Quite simply, this is to give credit to the army that succeeded in recruiting numbers and skill.
  • The army commanders will roll a die, the winner of the roll decides who fights first.
  • The army fighting first is allowed to choose the army they wish to face in the first bout. The bout ends when all of one army has been eliminated
  • The losing army will remain on the field after each bout to fight the other army.
  • The first army to have two losses is removed from the scenario.
  • The remaining two armies will fight once more to determine the victor.

  • Holding down the fort.
    (Fort battle with archery)

  • Each army will fight in the fort with no resurrection (or limited resurrection to be determined based upon army size) with the attacking armies getting unlimited resurrection.
  • The army that is able to hold the fort the longest wins.
  • There will be an unlimited amount of archers allowed however only a maximum of two archers are allowed on top of the fort.
  • Archers on top of the fort may be killed by other archers or a spearman achieving line-of-sight as to attack from inside the fort, laying their spear on the platform and saying "Archers dead."

  • We are the champions!
    (Five-person melee with no archery)

  • In this scenario to wrap up the day, each commander will select a melee squad of five which may or may not comprise the commander (this will be at their own discretion).
  • This will also be a round robin with the first army to lose twice being removed and the remaining two armies to fight a best two out of three rounds.